Film Friday: Solo – A Star Wars Story

Young Han Solo is desperate to buy his own spaceship, and he’ll do all he can to get enough cash. He teams up with a ragged disparate rabble – Becket, Chewbacca, Lando and Qi’ra – with a plan to steal a whole lot of precious coaxium and sell it for a mountain of money. However, just when the job is done, and they are about to close the deal, a bunch of pesky marauding Cloud Riders appear, with the intention of foiling their best laid plans.

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Han’s bluff goes up in smoke as their ship, the Millennium Falcon, disappears into space, along with his ruse to trick the Cloud Riders. Oops. Looks like a Plan b is required…

Jesus deliberately went looking for young guns like Han when he was putting together his team. However, like Han, they were often full of their wild ideas. When wise-cracking young disciples James and John figure that they have the solution to a sticky problem they bring their half-hatched plan to Jesus. There’s a town over there full of folks they don’t get on with, all Jesus needs to do, with his limitless power and resources, is nuke the place and fry all those people they don’t like. Job done. Not quite. Jesus won’t play their power games, he sees through their scheming. He has different weapon, won’t wield the old fire and brimstone, he’s come with a fistful of foot-washing compassion.

Likewise when bright-eyed, clench-fisted Simon Peter claims that no one can possibly hurt Jesus because he’ll deck anyone who has a go, Jesus has to put a hand on his chest and slow him down. Wrong plan Peter, a show of strength won’t win this day, a show of weakness is what is needed. A path of sacrifice. But Peter’s a young gun, a Han Solo, full of his own wild ideas and eager derring-do, he can’t think the way Jesus does at the moment. It will take a cross, and a dark night of wrestling, an empty tomb and a tomb-splintering, early morning of resurrection to change him. The same kind of things it takes to change us all.

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