Monday Rewrite: Rocky?

Did he hear right?

A rock? Why? What’s that mean?

His brother’s at it again. Chasing the latest craze. Last week it was the badly dressed, odourly challenged, beardy John. Now it’s this Nazarene, the one with the sawdust under his nails and the scars on the back of his hands, plus sweat on his brow.
Andy goes running after them all.
He squints as he studies this one. He’s repeating what he said, something about being a rock. Pointing at him.

He always does this, that little brother of his, has to go grabbing others and bringing them into his world. Can’t leave things be. Simon glances at him now, he’s grinning of course. Enjoying every moment. Now he’s asking where this rabbi lives. Surely he’s not hoping to go and have lunch with him? Simon turns to go, he won’t be having lunch at the rabbi’s place, he has fishing to do, nets to mend, a boat to check. Let Andrew chase rainbows if he wants. He has a life to live, bills to pay, he’d love to swan about chatting about the meaning of life but there are more practical things to take care of… little does he realise that this time next week he’ll be sat in his boat, a captive audience to this rabbi, about to haul in the biggest catch of his life. One which will free him up from the worries of work and bill-paying. For long enough to learn a new way of life.

John 1 and Luke 4&5

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