Monday Rewrite: The Cupboard

A short creative reading based on Ephesians 4:25-5:2

It’s not easy, these things keep springing out of the cupboards, rearing their heads like ugly jacks in the boxes of our lives. No sooner have we put them away in one drawer they do their best to burst out of another, ambushing us, hijacking our best intentions. But we continue… we go on… taking the lies, gossip and juicy stories about others; those hurtful bitter feelings, the anger and wrangling and slander; the desire to hit back and hold grudges; all that spite, meanness and harmful malice; and we open that welcoming cross-shaped cupboard, and lay them down yet again. Put them away. Bring them to the one who has more power than us, the one who has the ability to melt these damaging things, to heal us and change us, to give us another new start. And having laid these things down, we take up forgiveness and tender-heartedness, kindness and the hope that comes from letting go. We put on his ways, not because it is easy or trendy or popular, but because he invites us, day after day, to offer something different to the world. Because he has walked in our shoes, understands that life is fraught with difficulty, misunderstanding and pain… and offers us that gentle, powerful, radical way, the one he has bought for us, the one he paid for with his precious life.

Ephesians 4:25-5:2

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