Monday Rewrite: The Penny Drops

Two spectators chat after the feeding of the 5000.

1. Do you see what I see?
2. I see a lot of tidying up to do. There are more crumbs than if we’d fed them with croissants.
1. No I don’t mean that. I mean Moses.
2. What? Where?
1. Over there.
2. Think you’re mistaken mate. I’ll bet a fish butty to a veggie crumble that that over there – is Jesus.
1. Yes, that’s my point.
2. What?
1. He’s starting to look a lot like Moses, isn’t he?
2. How do you mean?
1. Well, coming down a mountain with a new set of instructions, controlling the water, and now this – bread from heaven!
2. But it can’t be Moses, we’ve seen him grow up, fix tables, mend roofs, that’s Jesus all right.
1. Oh I know that. But I think the penny’s starting to drop.
2. Pennies? Where? I could do with a bit of extra cash…
1. About him. Moses was God’s man right?
2. Yea. You bet. Moses was the man!
1. Right – so if Jesus starts looking a lot like Moses…
2. You mean… doing an impression?
1. I mean doing the things that Moses could do because he was God’s man… So then surely…
2. You mean…
1. Yea!
2. He’s Moses in disguise!
1. No. But Jesus must be God’s man too, mustn’t he? Greater than Moses even?
2. Wow! That’s big.
1. It is.
2. That’s life-changing.
1. It could be.
2. Fancy a left over fish butty?
1. Not really, not right now. But I think I’ll go and have a chat with the fella who made it though.

John 6 vv 24-35

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