Monday Rewrite: Food Glorious Food??

‘Well that’s really kind of you to invite me to stay for dinner Cornelius, I have to say I’ve never seen a spread like this before… at least not on a dining table! I mean those things there… what are they called? Really? And what you do with them? Rolled up in a… with ketchup? Fascinating. And these brown strips of streaky stuff… really? No joke? And those things there that are the spitting image of snails… what do you call them? Oh! Snails. I see, so you call them that because they really are sna…. I get it. And those things with eyes that keep staring right at me, you know following me round the room… Aha. And that black stuff in the jar, surely that’s not edible? What’s it called? Marmite! It’s quite a zoo… I mean menagerie isn’t it? Why do those thing keep moving, you know as if they are alive… because… they ARE… ali…. Right. What do you call that one? Beef surprise? Oh I like beef, that sounds great, what’s the surprise? It’s not really beef. Ah. Clever. And that pie, what’s in that? Snake and kidney. Mmm. Sounds yuk…. I mean Yummy! Mmm… can’t wait to try it. Oh, I don’t mean right now… of dear, thanks, that is a very large slice isn’t it? So I really can eat this? All of it? So not just the pastry then? Hmm, I see. You know I had a dream earlier…. about all this food actually. I saw a whole blanket full of it… a picnic blanket actually… squirming and squiggling and seething… and a voice told me to eat it, and not be afraid of stuff I woudn’t normally touch with a five-mile-long barge pole. I’ll be honest Cornelius, I don’t normally try and swallow stuff that keeps trying to wriggle off my plate. But then I wouldn’t normally eat… here… with you. It’s tough this isn’t it? Oh no I don’t mean the lizard, you’ve braised it perfectly, slips down like a… well… braised lizard in white wine sauce. It’s just I’m out of my comfort zone. When you knocked on my door today everything changed. I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t had that dream. But I can see God’s doing something, crossing boundaries you know, pushing down walls, and I promised that I would follow him. You see he gave me a whole new start Cornelius, after I abandoned him, after I’d promised I never would. But he picked me up out of the dust, helped me start again. And I guess that’s what he’s doing here. Giving us both another new start. It’s disconcerting for me, not the easiest of picnics I’ve ever been on. But if he can make the journey he made, leave the safety of heaven to live and sweat and laugh and cry with me, to end up rejected on a barbaric cross so you and I could get a new start, well, I’d better do my best to not get in the way of that… this is a strange day Cornelius, but a very good one. Pass me that cup of gecko juice and let’s drink to a new start. For both of us.’

Acts chapter 10

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