Wednesday Riff: Love Letter

Dear all,

I love you, I really do, please take some time out and come and see me. Step out of the traffic for a while. I can see how the days rip you ragged at times, and I understand how much you have to do and the responsibilities that lie heavy on you. You give so much, work so hard, help so many. But take a moment, a few seconds, to step away from the weights of each day. Come away and pause, breathe, and hear these words again as you do so. I love you. Let them sink deep into the core of your being. Let them feed you and sustain you for the coming week. For the days and nights ahead. I love you. I couldn’t love you any more than I do, you are so precious to me. I love your face and your voice and I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is to hear you talk to me and to see your face turned towards mine. I made you! I fashioned you, I wired you up. I understand you, believe me, I know why you often trip up. I know all about your strengths and weaknesses, your good experiences and bad ones. I know your personality and your foibles. I’m not waiting to catch you out, or to wave your mistakes like a weapon. Not at all. I’m not looking to shame you. Just the opposite! I want to meet you, in the good places, and the hard places. To help you, to nourish you, to sustain you. To show you how much I value you. So please, take some time, no one could love you more than I do. And no time is better than now. You make my heart sing. You really do. So step out onto the mountains of my love, the hills of my compassion, the paths of my dedication to you. See once more the wonder of resurrection, and the extraordinary relationship we have in my son. Lift your eyes, look a little higher, take a moment, and see the one who sets everything aside to spend a little time with you.

With all my love, every ounce of it,

Your creator.

Drawing on Song of Solomon 2 vv 8-13

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