Wednesday Riff: The Embrace

Unfailing truth and love have met together,
Righteousness and peace can be seen embracing,
Truth springs up from the earth,
And justice smiles down from heaven.
Like long lost lovers turning a corner,
And bumping into one another,
Truth and love cannot hold back
From that warm embrace;
That kiss that makes them inseparable.
Forever together now,
Forged on a hillside,
Written in blood,
And sealed on a sun-soaked Sunday morning.
As those two bits of wood arose,
That ugly moment of beauty,
Justice and mercy took hands
And heaven’s heart broke into a million pieces.
And as dawn broke and the pieces reformed
Into a whole new creation,
Righteousness smiled from heaven
And kindness and integrity,
Kissed once more.
Sealing the agreement for all time.
For the universe. For you. For us.

Psalm 85 vv 10-11

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