Wednesday Riff: This World

This world moves us
And shakes us,
Frustrates and makes us
Angry, livid sometimes…
The misjustice, the crimes,
Giving us such indigestible questions,
A kind of soulful indigestion.

How much more must it move you
And shake you?
Frustrate and make you
Angry? Livid sometimes.
The misjustice and crimes
Giving you such turbulent questions,
That age-old soulful indigestion.

If it makes us fume and huff,
Makes us feel like
We’ve had enough,
Makes us cry and wonder
And long to rip things asunder…

How much more do you fume and huff?
Are you made to feel like
Enough is enough?
Do you cry and wonder?
Longing to tear the sky asunder?

One thing we do know
Is that seeing this pitiful show,
You chose to risk it all, to embark upon
A trip between your world and this one.
Sailed oceans of struggle and time,
Made for Golgotha and started that climb
Which led to a humble, blood-stained cross,
You accepted the trauma of pain, death and loss.
Sinking so desperately, so miserably low,
As dark and as a lost as a person can go.
In order to reach for a whole other dawn,
A reversal of time and a resurrection morn.

And that rainbow promise
So etched in the sky,
Appearing when the blue
Waves the grey goodbye,
Now makes us think of a man
Strung up high,
And your plan to completely immerse yourself,
Within a world unable to help itself.

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