Wednesday Riff: You cared

When no one else knew,
When no one else saw,
When no one else bothered,
You cared.
When no one else had time,
When no one else had strength,
When no one else had courage,
You cared.
When life was too busy,
When life was too distracting,
When life was too full,
You cared.
When I was frightened,
When I was alone,
When I was confused,
You cared.

When we were angry,
When we were frustrated,
When we were hitting out,
You cared.
When everyone was lost,
When everyone was struggling,
When everyone was sleepwalking into trouble,
You cared.
So much that you made it public,
So much that you made it permanent,
So much that you made it possible,
For us all,
For each one,
For the least
And the last,
You cared.

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