Monday Rewrite: Hannah’s Prayer

Based on 1 Samuel 2:1-10 – a revisiting of Hannah’s prayer.

Hannah, her heart full of hope and laughter, smiles as she gazes on the face of her new born son. She lifts her eyes and lets a prayer burst from her lips…
“My heart glories in you, O my Lord; my strength, once drained by sadness, returns in leaps and bounds because of you. You have changed everything, you’ve rescued me from despair and darkness. There’s no one like you. Unique, profound, wondrous, powerful, gentle and perfect. You are my rock. The foundation of my life.

I set my pride aside, dispose of any thoughts about my own achievements. You know everything, Lord, you understand, you see beyond the veneer, beyond any masks we might use. Your humility and wisdom supersede our own attempts at greatness. The dust rises as the powerful fall to their knees. The weak find an arm helping them to stand once again.

You upend everything, in you we see the poverty of earth’s riches, and the wealth of your ways. Life springs from knowing you. You are the one who lifts up the struggling, the one who breathes life into those lost on death’s dark pathways.
In your reality the rich lose their shabby wealth while the poor find their lives enriched by your hand. You reach into the grime and the mess, lifting the poor from the ashes and the waste of their loss. You bring honour and integrity to those once shunned and marginalised, you open the way for those who have known only the sound of slamming doors. For everything is yours, you set the planets spinning, when there was nothing but emptiness.

You will look after us, you will guide and protect, you have the map of life, but those who look the other way will find themselves stumbling and crashing, their own strength ebbing from them like dirty water slipping down a drain.

Praise you, my Lord! You are king above all other rulers. All arguments set against you will crumble, your justice will shatter the corruption of this earth. Your voice will be heard, unmistakably so, like thunder cracking across the whole world. Your ways will be known, your perfect plans for the whole of creation. The earth is yours my king, the universe too, and one day your perfect, kind, peaceful ways will be known by all. And you will reign forever.”

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