Monday Rewrite: I Have a Dream

I have a dream… that one day the heavens will open, and a staggering scene will appear. The Ancient of Days will make his entrance, alive with light and every shade of colour. His fiery throne teeming with righteousness, truth and justice, as if the very thing were burning with a passion for all that is right and good. And I have a dream that he will hold the book of life itself, a book brimming with words of healing and purpose, truth and humble power. And with the opening of this book a man will appear. A man like no other. One full of grace and truth; strength, courage and kindness. A king like no other. And I have a dream that this king will reign forever, not merely over this world, but over every world, every nook and cranny of the universe, every moment of eternity. A surprising king once birthed in a place of straw; accessible, with a smile in his eternal gaze, and forgiveness and purpose in his battle-scarred hands. A king once crowned with thorns, now reigning supreme, and calling the nations to his banquet, inviting the eyes and ears and hearts of creation to open, to soften, to begin again. I have a dream, one that will be, one that has already begun, and one that continues even as you read and hear these words.

Daniel 7:9-10, 13-14

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