Monday Rewrite: Treasure

Treasure in dark places,
Hidden, not from us, but hidden for us.
To find, to savour, to pass on.
Secreted in the darkness waiting for us,
Longing for our eyes to be opened and ears to be tuned.
Tiny precious discoveries,
As we walk, as we wait,
As we wander, as we work.
In the meeting of friends and strangers,
In sitting, standing, dawdling and slowing down,
Inside and out, around corners and in life’s gaps,
In life’s nooks and crannies and unexpected places.
Like a bright polished conker in a bed of mottled leaves,
A smile in a sea of disinterested faces,
A listening ear in a world of headphones,
A rainbow reflected in the mirror of a city puddle,
A gleaming white cross, jet trailed in a gloomy sky,
Waiting for us to look up,
Look around, look further and deeper,
Hiding, glistening, beckoning,
Twinkling at us, urging us to notice.
Whispering to us,
Offering us hope and a warmed heart,
Making us smile with its subtle, surprising hint of heaven.

Isaiah 45 v 3

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