Wednesday Riff: Be Still

Be still.
Stop and listen.
For a moment… even… for 30 seconds,
for 20, 15, 10, 5…
Step aside from the rushing of your mind;
the scrambling of your day;
and the struggle of making life work.

Hear the shouts from the street,
the running of feet,
the voices you meet,
and the clock that we all try to beat.
Hear them… and leave them.
Remember… and let go.
Let go of all that clamours, all that crowds,
all that crashes in on the stillness of your soul.

Set these things to one side,
press the pause button,
for the shortest time.

And in letting go…
take the less familiar path that leads to those
mysterious still waters;
the peaceful brooks;
the cleansing streams.
Where a quiet calm sets aside, if only briefly,
the gasping of unsolved questions, and wearying problems.

And as you approach those waters, drink of them.
If only the briefest of sips,
that you too may become for a moment still,
and so become a fountain of life-giving water for others,
whether you are aware or unaware of this small miracle.

A subtle spring for those folk who,
are still rushing,
scrambling and struggling
to make life work.

Psalm 23

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