Wednesday Riff: You

In the laughter and the longing
You are there,
In the deserts and the parties
You are there,
In the questions and the searching,
In the knowing and the unknowing
You are there.
In the smile of another
You are there,
In the small moments of hope
You are there,
In the reaching out to others
And the unseen acts of kindness
You are there.
In the now, in the present,
In this moment, in this reading
You are there.

Whether we are distracted,
Worried or tempted,
In the singing and the frowning,
Looking up or looking down
You are there.
In the crying and the honesty,
In the fear and covering up,
In the silence and the shouting,
In the gloom and in the wonder
You are there.
Though I may not be,
Though my mind may be elsewhere,
Though life’s restlessness may trick me
And snatch me from this present moment,
Still you are there.
Here. Now. You. With us. With me.

Psalm 139

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