New Year Extra: 2019

The clocks tick down and
We stand on the verge,
Eye our resolutions
With our foot on the doorstep.
Thinner, nicer, fitter, better,
Kinder, funnier, tidier, better prepared,
Greener, happier, more serious, less wasteful,
Successful, peaceful, mindful, watchful.
A man stands near
By the gate of 2019,
Understands our desires, hopes and dreams.
He’s seen them all many times
And offers his hand,
Scrapes and splinters embedded in the flesh,
Scratched and bruised from life’s sore wounding.
Never afraid to take the hand of whoever
Is willing to put their palm in his.
The failures, the frantic, the chilled and achievers,
The happy, the sad, the worried and busy,
The lonely, the forgotten, and those who think
They will never stand a chance.
Those who believe all is lost.
He offers his warm, battered hand of friendship,
Better than the brightest light
And strongest resolution.
A friend forever,
And a guide for the rough and the smooth
Of another year.

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