Wednesday Riff: Under the Radar

For a child is born to us,
So small, so frail, so vulnerable,
No fanfares or global advertising campaigns,
A quiet, subtle slipping into the world,
A new-born friend in the shadows.
A child is born to us,
In the darkness, in a strange place,
Under the radar,
The son of a powerless couple,
Found by inconsequential shepherds.
A child is born to us,
And we may often overlook him,
Sometimes forget the wonder
In the rush and the bother,
In the stress and the pressure.
A child is born to us,
And a man is on the way,
With hope in his hands,
Kindness in his smile,
Courage in his heart,
And the will to change everything.
For a child is born to us,
And thirty years of waiting begins.

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