Film Friday: Stan & Ollie

In 1937 Laurel and Hardy were the biggest stars in Hollywood but, 16 years later, their star has faded and, short of funds, they travel to the UK to embark on a live stage tour.

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In the intervening years Ollie made a movie with another comedy partner, and Stan has never quite got over that. In the end it leads to the following bust up…

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However, when Ollie’s health hits a wall on the tour Stan is the first to run to his bedside…

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Ultimately these two warm-hearted, funny men were very good friends indeed. In fact, towards the end of this story Stan declares to his wife how much he loves Ollie. And when the past threatens to destroy their relationship they dig deep and find forgiveness for one another.

Jesus once told a story of a servant who was forgiven a ridiculous sum of money. The servant however did not appreciate this really, as, on meeting someone who owes him a tiny amount he demands repayment. Jesus’s tale is about forgiving others because we have received forgiveness from God. In another event, when a woman showed incredible kindness to Jesus, the man from Nazareth told everyone, she could love much because she has been forgiven a lot. She was passing on the kindness and compassion she knew she had received from God.

Life is full of fallings-out, grudges and misunderstandings. We get hurt and lash out, we misunderstand those who are different from us. And that’s when we need the kindness of God at work in our lives, reminding us, empowering us, helping us to be kind to others. God has befriended us in Jesus, and asks us to pass on this kindness to others. Not because it’s easy. But because it’s the way life works best.

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