Monday Rewrite: The Plea

‘Hi, can I… can I come in? Am I allowed? Only this is make or break… I just wanted to see you to ask if… well… do you realise who you have up there? D’you know what you’ve done? I… I know it seems too late, but with him it might not be… look, I know what you’ll say  but… have you heard the stories? Of what he can do? The people he’s affected? Just look at me. I was in complete darkness, lost, trapped in a life of misery and pain, no value, no dignity. No way out. He changed all that… No please, listen. I’m not an unusual case, I’m not. Folks from all over have been meeting him. Even some of your lot. He has no boundaries. No walls. He doesn’t exclude anyone. No class or creed or status. But he’s straight with people, doesn’t mess about. You look him in the eyes… you dare to give him some time… and you’ll be different. That’s why I think there’s still time. You could take him down… no listen you could. Tell your men. Loosen the nails. Yes, he’s still breathing. Still forgiving people up there. Still caring. Come on, don’t shut down, don’t close your mind. Please. Listen. If not to me then to one of your own men. There’s an officer who came to him for help, not long ago, no I don’t know his name… but his servant was saved from death. Yea, death! Yes, by him. Please Pilate. Please. Now it’s your turn. You can make a change. Hmm? Mary… Magdalene. Yes. So will you do it… will you? Will you open up and give him a chance? If you get to know him you’d understand, it’s only when you know him that you know him. If you know what I mean? When you come close to him like he’s come close to us… Please…’

Matthew 8 v 5-13, Matthew 27 v 54-61

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