Wednesday Riff: Son of All Time (2)

‘Son of all time, now where have you been?’
‘Touring life’s corridors – and here’s what I‘ve seen…’

Hearts of compassion tearing down hate,
Calm quiet rebels storming the gates,
Sitting in dust with the weak and the poor,
Folks finding out what compassion is for…
The powerful plundered, their riches just rust,
The proud and the privileged shrouded in dust.
Walls of division crumbled and torn,
Cracked by the smiles of the ordinary born.

The vile disarmed from spitting phrases that shatter,
The old and the weak shown how much they matter.
The frail and the flawed given hope for the day,
As each new morning brings kindness their way,
The dying and injured set high on life’s list,
The lonely and forgotten no longer missed.
I’ve sat with all these and walked in their shoes,
Seen shoulders unhunched by the sound of good news.

And every time someone joins with this song,
Justice lifts up its head as right upends wrong.
In the faces and hands and the smiles that you share,
Every kindness passed on… that’s when I’ll be there.

‘Son of all time, now where have you been?’
‘Looking for those who can see what I‘ve seen…’

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