Monday Rewrite: Not a Pretty Thing

John wanders up to Jesus.

John: Oh by the way Jesus, nothing too important, just a bit of news, a small story really, hardly worth mentioning…
Jesus: Yes?
John: Just that we spotted a guy doing miracles in your name so we…
Jesus: What? Went up and congratulated him?
John: No.
Jesus: Asked him for some advice?
John: No!
Jesus: Made friends?
John: NO!
Jesus: What then?
John: We stopped him of course!
Jesus: Stopped him?
John: Yes! He was casting out demons and he’s not with us. He’s not had the training we’ve had. We can’t control him. He’s probably doing it all wrong. It was for the best.
Jesus: Really? You think so? For the best?
John: Yes.
Jesus: I see, and I suppose this had nothing to do with the fact that you and the others tried recently to cast a demon out of a boy and er… what was it again? Oh yes… you couldn’t do it. I mean, you wouldn’t have been annoyed to see someone else managing it instead of you?
John: NO!! He was a stranger. He’s different. He’s not one of us.
Jesus: Envy’s not a pretty thing John.
John: Why d’you say that?
Jesus: I think you know why.
John: Well… it’s too late now. We stopped him. It’s done.
Jesus: Well go and tell him to start again.
John: What?
Jesus: Tell him to keep going.
John: Me? Couldn’t you send someone else? What about Mary? Or Peter? He’ll go blundering into any situation.
Jesus: John, you go and see him. Encourage him on. If it’s in my name then he’s not against us. He’s like you, learning by doing. Only he seems to be doing a little better than you right now. Wouldn’t you say?
John: Hmmm… no comment.

Mark 9

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