Monday Rewrite: The Pay Off

I pitched up for work as usual the other day, joined the lines of folks in the square, waiting, hoping for someone to hire me for the day. When I got picked by a guy with a reputation for generosity I thought my luck was in. He promised a good wage for the day so I went along and worked hard for the promised pay. As the day wore on the boss was generous with the breaks for lunch and the odd cuppa, and the atmosphere was good. More and more guys kept joining us in the work force, right up until the last hour of light, when clearly, in the last intake, he pitched up with the dregs, the stragglers nobody else had wanted. At 5 o’clock we lined up for the pay cheque. Stone me if he didn’t pay us all the same. The losers who worked for just the last hour got the same as me! I couldn’t believe it. I worked a whole day for an hour’s wage. I was not pleased, I can tell you. The next day I pitched up in the square again, but this time avoided the boss from the day before, didn’t want to find myself scammed like that again. But the hours ticked by, and I waited in the square, and no one seemed interested in me; and when I found myself still there at 4 o’clock with the wasters and the strays I figured I’d better call the day a lost one. Then he turned up again, that boss, and this time he picked me. So I went along, did about 54 minutes work, and lined up to get paid. Stone me if he didn’t pay me the same as everyone else. Can you  believe it! I got a day’s wage for an hour’s work! How about that then?

Matthew 20 v 1-16

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