Monday Rewrite: The Roofers

Are you in dire need?
Is your life falling apart?
Have you been affected by things out of your control?
By folks climbing on your roof?
Has your front room been overcrowded lately?
So full that the only way in was skyward?
Have you had the sinking feeling as dust falls in clouds on your head?
Have you spotted four faces peeking down through a hole they just made?
Have you had the body of a man dropped onto your carpet?
From a great height?
Have you been too quick to judge a situation?
Have you been shocked by the abundance of God’s grace?
Is the weather coming in every time it rains now?
Do you no longer need to look at the weather forecast, as you’re getting it first hand?
Is your furniture perpetually damp and whiffy?
Are you getting bird poop on your head as they fly over?
If the answer to any of these questions is ‘Yes’…
Then call Galilee Roofers Incorporated.
No patch-up job too small, no reason too surprising.
No miracle story too shocking.
We’ve been there, done that, and got the roof tiles.
Call now.
Before folks make a habit of dropping casualties into your crowded house.

Matthew 9 v 1-8

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