Wednesday Riff: Stones & Bread

It could be so much easier,
Taking another way,
Exerting power to sidestep the problems,
Turning these stones into bread.
Dodging life’s troubles and issues,
Seeking satisfaction rather than kindness,
Making magic rather than miracles,
Turning these stones into bread.
The miracles of patience and compassion,
Listening, challenging, trusting,
Walking down those narrow roads,
Instead of turning these stones into bread.
There’ll be no sidestepping
The loneliness of Gethsemane,
The sadness and pain of Golgotha,
The shunning and sneering of others,
As they turn Living Bread into stone.
He could make it so much easier,
But he didn’t give up the wonder,
The colours and assurance of heaven,
To turn these stones into bread.
He came instead for the lost ones,
The stony hearts and rubbled lives,
Chose the narrow path for you and me,
To bring us living, nourishing bread.

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