Film Friday: Fisherman’s Friends

When Danny from London comes to stay in Port Isaac with his record industry pals, he tries to sign up a bunch of local shanty singers, The Fisherman’s Friends.

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Even though the boys laugh it off at first, Danny persuades them to record a demo of a few of their sea shanties.

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The impossible looks like it might well become reality as Danny fights for their cause, even laying his job on the line for this new ‘buoy band’. Believing in something more is a big part of what is to be human. To aim for something beyond ourselves, to reach for a higher goal. Many dreams are dashed on life’s rocks, but some make it and the stories of these inspire the rest of us. This is a heart-warming tale of just such a dream. And one that would ultimately go on to bless an awful lot of folks who would hear the music of these Fisherman’s Friends.

The Bible is full of dreams and dreamers. Abraham looked up every night and saw a skyful of stars. He believed that his descendants would outnumber those twinkling lights in the sky, an extraordinary idea considering that he and Sarah had no children in their old age. But the promise had come from God, the God who was leading him down a whole new untrodden road, on a journey that would become a blessing to every family on earth. Centuries later, a bunch of wayward disciples saw something extraordinary in a builder from Nazareth, a dream that seemed literally dead when he was arrested and executed by the brutal authorities. But the dream wasn’t over, and following on from the dream of Abraham, this builder would return from the grave and become a blessing to every family on earth. Easter’s coming again, the time when we celebrate this incredible dream come true. And look to this resurrected builder for strength, hope, purpose and inspiration. For the times when we have a dream, and for the times when our dreams lie in tatters.

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