Wednesday Riff: The Shake Up

He’s come to turn those tables,
Swap old dead ways for fresh hope,
To shake up the stale,
Breathe life into what is fading away.
To readjust our focus,
Shine a light onto out misconceptions,
To sweep out those cobwebs,
The ones that have gathered in the
Corners of our faith.
To rattle the cages that have trapped,
To rock the boats of pride and prejudice,
To throw wide the gates of religion,
To call out a smiling welcome.
To challenge our notions of success,
And one-upmanship,
To open the windows of our lives,
And let the fresh air in.
To flick that whip at the walls
We build of them and us,
To cry bitter tears over our broken ways,
And to invite us to start again.
Matthew 22 v 12-16

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