Film Friday: Wild Rose

60 Minutes on a Stage is not Real Life.

When Rose-Lynn Harlan comes out of prison, after a year-long sentence, she has her heart set on getting to Nashville and becoming a country singer. However, there is just the small matter of real life. She has two small children at home, or rather in her mother’s home, and she will spend the next few months juggling her passion for music with the reality of being a good mother. Here’s the trailer for the story…

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Rose-Lynn is at war with herself, desperate to live for her music, but needing to grow up and step into the shoes of the person she is supposed to be. She is no longer 16 and free and able to drift with the rock’n’roll breeze. Her children really need her, and her mother is desperate for her to sort out her wayward living. At times Rose-Lynn is her own worst enemy, getting it right then wrong, back and forth, as she wrestles with herself, her talents and her dreams. She needs to realise that real life is far more down-to-earth than a heady burst of bright lights and applause on a glittering stage.

In the book of Genesis Joseph is a talented young guy. A dreamer who sees himself as a future leader. Just one problem, reality keeps pulling him down. He has a fistful of older brothers who are not impressed with his naïve dreaming, his visions of lording it over them. And before long he finds himself rejected, battered and thrown into slavery. Just as life seems to settle again he finds himself wrongly accused and banged up in jail. Where are his dreams now? But God is at work. Through all his troubles Joseph is coming of age, he’s growing, maturing and when the time is right he meets the king and boom! He steps into the leadership shoes he’s been dreaming of all his life. Growing up can be painful, we are all invited to come of age as life throws so much at us. Maturity is a lifelong pursuit. Born of experience, disappointment, frustration, success and failure. We need at times to be gentle with ourselves. When Joseph is finally ready to be the visionary leader he looks back and says, ‘What people intended for harm, God has turned to good.’ An extraordinary perspective grown in a thorny garden of struggle and trouble.

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