Wednesday Riff: In The Room

Funny how often
I talk about you in the third person,
He. His. Him.
When you’re always in the room.
As if you were somehow somewhere else.
Unable to join the conversation.
Tied up with other things.
Distracted by your divine smart phone.
Checking your e-ternal-mail.
Updating your profile on Face-scroll.
As if you are not always present,
Always ready, intensely interested,
Guiding, nudging, strengthening.
Alongside me, alongside us in our arguing and blaming,
In our celebrating and encouraging,
In our back-slapping and finger-pointing.
Always in the room.
Never too busy, never afraid, never distracted.
I Am.
In the grime and the glory,
In the dust and the destiny,
A friend, a dear sacrificial friend,
Patient. Kind. On our side.

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