Monday Rewrite: Creator Inc.

Ultimate entrepreneurs Creator Inc. have announced their new radical plan for the future. They say that, in accordance with ancient guidelines and timeless truths, they will be setting in progress a brand new program of rescue for the universe. This will begin in the form of a baby, born in fragility and squalor, and growing through childhood and puberty, on into adulthood. Having experienced normal life, with all its shades, wonders and difficulties, the figure will then take to the road, demonstrating Creator Inc.’s passion for all those marginalised, shoved down, overlooked and held back. The ultimate purpose of this plan will be displayed in three days of weakness, loss, terror and punishment, before a fresh start sets everything in a new light. Creator Inc. will then be offering shares in their company as a free option to all those longing for change and a new beginning, alongside a manifesto which invites all new shareholders to partake in working for the company. Opposers of this campaign say that it does not go far enough, saying that Creator Inc. should do more to intervene and put everything right. Or at least do something to prove that the company is viable, powerful and actually exists. Creator Inc. has responded to this by inviting all its opponents to come closer and taste and see that, although this plan will not yet set everything right, it is the best way forward for now. Creator Inc. says there are future plans for a universal reboot. But only when the time is right.

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