Monday Rewrite: Found

The lamb looks up, confused, scratched and grubby. Understanding so little of what is going on here. One minute rushing headlong into a bright new future, the next lost, ditch-bound, sinking in mud and snagged on the claws of strange cruel branches. Going nowhere just when she thought freedom beckoned. And the more she wrestles to tear herself from the dark clutches, the more embroiled she becomes. And so, out of breath and bankrupt of hope she collapses and gives up. Then the distant footstep, and the sound of a shepherd. A voice calling her name. She’s in really in trouble now. Not only battered by her attempts at escape but she’ll surely be punished too. Her name sound again, she looks up, her eyes shrinking back into her head, her body all shakes and terror. A smile as the shepherd reaches down. She has no idea what he is saying but there is warmth in his voice. He has power in his hands, can somehow work her free of the terrible, demeaning thorns, before she knows it she’s in his arms and safe. Carried home through the dark night. He seems undaunted by the muck and the mess she has brought with her now. He’s not bothered about keeping clean or dry. He’s bothered about finding her.

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