Wednesday Riff: Another Way

In a world of chase, fuss and bustle,
Fret and debilitating worry,
One man offers another way,
Offers an alternative as he washes feet.
In a world of go-getting and achievement,
Of deception and wrong turns,
One man offers another way,
Offers an alternative, one smile at a time.
In a world of put-downs and finger jabbing,
Of closed fists and online fury,
One man offers another way,
Surprising his enemies with his generosity and restraint.
In a world of hurt and loneliness,
Where screens override eye contact,
One man offers another way,
A worldview where everyone is valued and precious.
In a world of neglect and burn-out,
One person stands at the crossroads of our lives,
ā€˜Come to me, step out of the traffic,
And you will find healing rest for your souls.ā€™

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