Wednesday Riff: With Us

You know these dark days,
Have been there,
Not being one who has held back,
Or kept your distance.
The sad days, the empty days,
The fearful nights, the lonely hours,
You have walked these roads,
Stepped into life’s grim reality.
Oh yes, you know the joy too,
The laughter, the back-slapping,
The joke-sharing and hand-shaking,
The great meals and celebrations,
The kindness of friendship.
But you know what it is to lose,
To lie awake, to be misunderstood.
You have shared your days with fear,
And your nights with worry.
Temptation, terror and troubles…
You have been there,
Know the bitter taste of these things.
Never condemn failure or the fear of it.
You came to help,
To sit alongside us in the dust,
To walk with us through the storms,
Through the deserts and valleys,
Presence, comfort, strength for another step.

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