Wednesday Riff: Friends

‘You can be honest with me, no need to pretend.
I know you’re a bit of a fake. A bit of a fraud.
Because I know human beings. I know the temptations
you live with to look powerful, right, strong and sorted.
But believe me, you can lighten up with me.
You and I are friends. Which can take us into dangerous,
vulnerable territory. I understand that. I get that.
Some things seem unexpected, unacceptable,
incongruous to a world expecting certain things of a Deity.
But I’m not like that. So you can be genuine, real, up front.
Honest about the temptations you face.
I know it is hard for you to stop pretending you are powerful,
right, strong and sorted. I get it, and I love you.
That’s what friendship is, being together in all that is true
and messy and untrue and kind and callous and funny and sorrowful.
Which means I’ll feel lonely at times, and misunderstood,
and you’ll feel lonely at times, and misunderstood.
And we’ll fall out and make up and try and second-guess one another.
And when I do what you want you’ll call it a miracle,
and when you do what I want I’ll call it a miracle too. And so it goes.
Friendship, between two worlds. Two ways of being. Two kinds of loving.
Two ways of understanding wisdom and folly.
Two ways of living and working together. Two friends.’

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