Monday Rewrite: A Wedding at Cana

An easy-to-perform sketch about Jesus at the Wedding in Cana, as in John chapter 2. If you would like a printable copy of this please message me via this website.

Cast: Narrator, Mary, Jesus, Servant and a few guests

(A narrator reads the lines in bold, reacting to the actors who have their lines and actions in italics.)

Hello everyone.  This is Mary.

Mary walks on and waves and says, ’Hello!’

She’s going to a wedding.

Mary says: ‘I’m going to a wedding!’

Told you. There’ll be dancing!

Mary nods and other guests come on and do a dance like the Maccarena, Birdies Song or another popular dance

And lots and lots of cake! Yum!!

A servant brings on some real or pretend cake

And loads of nice drinks.

Servant gives them some empty cups. They try and drink, but then look shocked and tip the cups upside down. Nothing comes out

Oh dear! All the wine has run out! And the people said…

Everyone sadly says, ‘Ahhhh!

And the audience all said…

The actors encourage everyone to say ‘Aaaah!

The wine had run out and this was a big big BIG problem for the bride and groom.

Everyone runs around panicking noisily

However, Mary didn’t panic.

Mary steps forward and holds up her hands and says, ‘Wait!’ Everyone freezes in mid panic and holds their panicky positions

Because she had come to the wedding with her son Jesus.

Enter Jesus. He smiles at everyone, waves, and says, ‘Hello everyone!’

And Mary said,

Mary says, ‘There’s no need to panic.’

Everyone relaxes, wipes their brows etc. And Jesus nods happily.

Mary says, ‘Because Jesus will fix it!’

Jesus looks suddenly shocked!

Jesus wasn’t so sure about that, so he had a quiet word with Mary. He wasn’t sure if it was really the right time for him to do anything miraculous yet.

Jesus says to everyone, ‘‘I’m not sure if it’s the right time for me to do anything miraculous yet!’.

Told you! But his mum said…

Mary grabs a servant and says, ‘Do whatever he tells you!’ Jesus then says, ‘Oh mum!!’

So the servant said,

Servant says, ‘What shall we do?’

And Jesus said,

Jesus says, ‘Well you could take the afternoon off.’

The servant looks happy and says, ‘Great! Yippee!’ and starts to walk off

Jesus says, ‘Or maybe…you could go to Disneyland for a holiday!’

The servant looks even happier and says, ‘Great! Yippee!’ and starts to walk off again

But then Jesus thought again, listened to his father and said,

Jesus looks upward, closes his eyes, thinks, nods and says, ‘Or maybe… you could fill those big jars over there with water and dish it out to the guests.’

Servant says, ‘What! There’ll be a riot!!! It’s just bath water. You can’t do that!’

And Jesus said,

Jesus says, ‘Oh yes you can!’

And the servant said,

‘Oh no you can’t’

And they got everyone to join in.

Jesus encourages everyone to say ‘Oh yes you can!’ Each time the servant says, ‘Oh no you can’t.’

This went on for quite a while, but in the end the servant gave everyone a glass of bath water to drink.

The servant picks up a jug and pours some real or imaginary water into everyone’s cups.

And everyone said, ‘Ugh! This is horrible!’

They all drink and then say together, ‘Ugh! This is… (pause)… REALLY TASTY!’

At which point the servant fainted. Mary clapped. And Jesus said, ‘Thank you Father.’

Servant faints, Mary claps, and Jesus looks up, points and says, ‘Thank you Father.’

Then everyone had a wonderful party!

Everyone dances again.

And that was just the beginning of all that Jesus was going to do… Bye for now!

The group keep dancing

(to actors) Oy you lot! Stop dancing! It’s time to say goodbye to everyone!

Everyone stops dancing. They all wave and say in a sing-song fashion, ‘Goodbye to everyone!’

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