Monday Rewrite: The 99

There was a man who once lost a sheep. Back then he did the daft and reckless thing of leaving the other 99 so he could do anything and everything to find the one lost. Moved heaven and earth, got himself grubby and scratched and cold in the search. Others laughed at him. Misunderstood him. Made up jokes about him. But he went on. Until he found the one and brought it home safely. Now the one is here. Secure. But over time, the other 99 have gone. They’re all lost. Only the one safe now. So he ventures out again. Into the night. Into the unknown. Until he finds one, then another. And then he takes another risk. He enlists their help. Instead of taking them back he commissions them to search with him. High and low. Until they find five more. And then he enlists their help too. It’s hard work! And some are keen, others reluctant. Some hang back for a while. Umming and aahing. And then they find five more. And he enlists their help too. Some grow in enthusiasm as they take to the task. Some search for a while then get lost again. Some invent a whole raft of new ways to keep looking. And so the searching goes on. And never seems to end.

Luke 15

(Inspired by  a comment by Miriam Swaffield.

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