Monday Rewrite: The Living Dead

A hand shot up through the damp earth. It stuck there, like a strange looking five fingered plant. Then another hand. Then an arm. And a second one. A body bursting up out of the grave. A head followed soon after, covered in mud and wriggly worms. And there it was. A dead body sitting up, staring. Not moving. In the next grave along a thumb jutted out, followed by a fist, a forearm, an elbow. Piece by piece, body-part by body-part the buried corpse emerged. Breaking out of the ground. The two bodies sat up, and turned stiffly to look at one another. One a very grey looking man, the other a very grey looking woman. Both with very dead eyes. Then one of them, the man, threw back his head and gave a strange kind of laugh. And the woman joined in. And then, falling quiet again, they pulled their bodies up and stood on the ground. And these two walking dead looked around and spotted a nearby village. Perfect. It would be full of people. Just what they needed. And they started their stiff-legged walk towards civilisation, and on the way other grey bodies joined them, until there was a gang of weird, strange corpses. All making for the unsuspecting villagers. And as they went something strange happened. Their walking became less stiff, their arms loosened, and by the time they spotted the first villager, their eyes were wide and flicking around incessantly. The villager, an old woman, took one look and ran for her life. Or rather for her husband. The group of undead stopped and stood in the main street, waiting. The woman came back with her husband and a few teenagers appeared as well, fascinated by the sight of these new arrivals. ‘Have you come to get us?’ one of the kids called out, and one of the group turned stiffly and stared at him. ‘What do you want?’ said the woman. The corpses held out their grey hands and said nothing for a long moment. Then… their eyes lit up, life flushed into their cheeks, and one of them even smiled. ‘Breakfast,’ said one of the group, ‘we’re starving!’ And they all nodded and laughed, and suddenly didn’t look so dead anymore. Because this was Easter Sunday morning, and they’d been resurrected, brought back to life because a carpenter from Nazareth had given everything to save the world. (Matthew 27 v 52)

Click this line here, or the link below to take you to another page, where you can download a word document containing four pieces for Halloween, including the one above.

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