Wednesday Riff: Bumps

Life is full of bumps and scrapes.

Our knees get scratched,

Our hands get scraped,

Our pride gets bruised,

Our hope gets crushed,

Our faith gets tarnished,

Our innocence pinched,

Our curiosity killed,

Our love rejected,

Our goals diminished.

You know what it’s like.

You’ve been here, done it,

Got the bumps and scrapes.

Your knees got scratched,

Your hands got scraped,

Your pride got bruised,

Your hope got crushed,

Your faith got tarnished,

Your innocence pinched,

Your curiosity killed,

Your love rejected,

Your goals diminished.

You took all the bumps and scrapes,

And resurfaced, scarred and marked,

Ready to walk through another day With us.

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