Wednesday Riff: In the Beginning

In the beginning…

The breath of God,

The hand of God,

The imagination of God.

Dust, a word and a vision.

A new world bursting from a vacuum,

Matter crammed with potential,

Wonder bursting with new life.

The creator taking his brush,

And his endless supply of glory,

And beginning work on his masterpiece.

Calling forth planets and stars,

Trees and plants,

Creatures and humans,

A universe pulsing with life,

With beginnings and possibilities,

Colour and texture,

Time and choices.

And the legacy lives on.

The vision, work and creativity

Placed in our hands,

The free gifts of power and responsibility,

An open invitation

To join the creator’s refrain,

To be part of his masterpiece

Each of us significant and vital,

As the Creator’s song goes on.

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