Wednesday Riff: Power

Jesus knew that he had been given

Power over all things,

Secure, no need to prove himself,

And so he knelt down and washed their feet.

Knew he had complete authority,

Greater than anything on earth,

And so he could sit in the gutter

With those who had nothing.

Cry with those whose hearts were breaking,

Struggle with those who the system abused,

Listen to those who knew nothing but grief,

Walk with those who could only limp through each day,

Remain with the rejected and the awkward,

Align himself with those considered embarrassing.

Jesus knew the power he had been given,

And he used it to serve,

To live kindly,

To fight injustice,

To walk humbly,

To show another way.

The weakness of God,

Way more powerful than anything else

On earth.

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