Wednesday Riff: Tick Tock

You made rhythms and seasons,

Light and dark, sunrise and set.

Sowing and harvesting,

Sleeping, rising, play and rest.

You made life, we made a clock.

Tick Tock.

Our bones ache sometimes from chasing the seconds,

Our minds whirl as the minutes slip through our fingers,

Our souls groan with regret at the past,

Our nerves jangle as we fear for the future.

Tick Tock.

You made life, we made a clock.

To measure the unmeasurable,

To control an ungraspable dimension.

Last year feels like yesterday,

This morning a lifetime ago.

Time rises and falls, a playful monster,

The minutes stretching forever

As the months and years fly by.

Tick Tock.

You made life, we made a clock.

Help us, calm us, stall us a little,

So those rich interruptions

Feel more like welcome opportunities,

So that love outdoes hurrying,

And life is king once more.

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