Monday Rewrite: Christmas Journey

A poem which could just be read, or the audience could be invited to join in on the following responses.

Mary/Joe – half audience cheer for one, half the other; Green/Sick – hold stomach and look ill
Romans – all boo; Baby – say aah and mime rocking a baby;
Sheep/Shepherds – all say baa!; Wise men – stroke chin and look wise, and say ‘Hmmm!’;
Angel/fly – flap arms; Camel – blow through your lips and make a lip-flapping camel noise.

There was a couple called Mary and Joe,
At Christmas they had to go
To Bethlehem,
Way back when
The Romans told them so.

Mary felt sick on the ride,
She looked all green and wide-eyed.
They raced on down
To Bethlehem town.
Because Mary had a baby inside.

The town was jam-packed that day.
So Mary and Joe had to stay
In a room full of sheep.
They didn’t get much sleep,
And the baby was born in the hay.

Some shepherds were eating their tea
When an angel said, ‘Look at me!’
He was up in the sky
Because he could fly,
And he told them about the baby.

The shepherds ran like mad
To see the new baby Mary had.
The baby stared hard
As they oohed and aahed,
Because the shepherds smelt quite bad.

Then some wise men came from afar
Following a big bright star,
They came from out of the blue,
And their camels did a poo,
Right there in Mary’s back yard.

The wise men and shepherds said, ‘Wow!
This baby is amazing you know!’
Then they went away
Different that day,
Because of the baby and Mary and Joe.

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