Monday Rewrite: And Finally…

TV news presenter Nick, rounds off the evening show with a report from Luke.

Nick: And finally tonight, an unusual story. There are reports of four local fishermen giving up their jobs in favour of working with a local rabbi. The four men, who appear to have had little or no religious aspirations prior to this, were seen downing their nets after consulting with two of the men’s father. The rabbi, new on the local scene, appeared at the water’s edge, asked them how the fishing was going and offered them a new opportunity. Our reporter Luke Paxo was on the scene. Luke, any further news?

Luke: Well, not much. It appears that the rabbi, a local boy, offered them no real job prospects, wages, chances of promotion or dental and health insurance. He simply invited them to go with him and learn another kind of life. Two of the men are brothers and I met their father Zebedee this afternoon. He has had to hire extra workers to replace his boys.

Nick: Will he be suing the rabbi for loss of earnings?

Luke: Apparently not. There’s a story going around that the rabbi provided a huge supply of fish for the men’s families. So no one’s out of pocket here. And other locals are starting to leave established ways of life to follow this rabbi. There’s talk of a local prostitute giving up her work, and a taxman handing in his resignation.

Nick: So who can we blame for this strange behaviour?

Luke: Well, only the rabbi himself really.

Nick: And what do we know about him?

Luke: Only that he seems to have a great interest in the local people and that he’s speaking out against corruption and oppression.

Nick: Ah, so is he guilty of treason?

Luke: Perhaps. Plus he did cause uproar at a local wedding yesterday.

Nick: What happened? Did he cause trouble there?

Luke: Not really, he seems to have turned up with a huge amount of alcohol. I tried to interview the groom about it but he was still having trouble thinking straight. The rabbi is currently staying with one of the fisherman’s mother-in-law, I tried to get to speak with him, but the place was so crowded there was chaos, some folks had ripped up the roof so they could have a word with him.

Nick: And what’s the attraction do you think?

Luke: Well there are all kinds of stories going around, but it seems that his main message is one of radical change.

Nick: Revolution you mean?

Luke: Well if it is, it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before. He’s telling folks that he’s got good news for the poor, injured, burdened and marginalised, and that he intends to set prisoners free and open people’s eyes.

Nick: Hmm.

Luke: You okay there? Nick?

Nick: Oh yes Luke, just er… just wondering… sounds like an unusual guy, wouldn’t mind getting a look at this rabbi myself…

Luke: Well I’ve been compiling some notes on him. I’ll send them over.

Nick: Luke, reporting from Galilee, thank you.

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