Wednesday Riff: Messages

Though we may struggle 
To see it, to know it, to feel it,
We are your
Living letters,
Breathing Emails,
Misspelled Texts,
Pulsing Sketches,
Vibrant Doodles,
Funny Etch-a-sketch Pictures, 
Nuanced Designs.
Bumbling Messages of Love,
Etched, Printed,
Drawn, Scribbled,
Stamped, Scrawled…
On our Weary, Passionate Hearts,
On our Cluttered, Searching Minds,
On our Precious Personalities,
On our Colourful, Checkered Pasts.
Vulnerable Tablets of flesh,
That’s us,
Screens of Being,
Wonderful and Complex
Interactive Boards,
Carrying, Displaying, Offering
Your Living Words of Life.

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