Monday Rewrite: Snake and Apple Pie

Eve and Adam were never that shy
About cooking their best apple pie.
One day when hungry,
A sweet smelling tree
Just happened to catch their eye.

They cooked pies all the time,
But not with apples of this kind,
They looked rather sweet
And tasty to eat,
With a ‘pick-me-pick-me!’ kind of shine.

Then a snake came along looking cute,
He winked at them – and the fruit,
‘Take a bite,’ he said,
‘You won’t end up dead,
You’ll be smart and cool and astute.’

As the snake slithered away
He chuckled to himself that day,
‘Oh what a hoot,’
He said of that fruit,
That would lead everybody astray.

Nothing wrong with apple pie,
It was about falling for a lie,
God had advised
Against those kind of pies,
But those poor folks thought they knew better and wanted to give that soul-destroying and non-scanning-last-line-of-this-poem diet a try.

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