Wednesday Riff: Failure.

Judas. Hannah. David.
Abigail. Paul. Peter. Pilate.
Naomi. Thomas. Sara. Jacob.

They all faced failure
And responded in different ways.

Judas couldn’t go on. Hannah prayed.

David said sorry. Abigail hatched a wise plan.

Paul admitted his ups and downs.

Peter wept and found a new start.

Pilate washed his hands of it.

Naomi tried to turn bitter

And found help in a friend.

Thomas spoke his mind.

Sara laughed and got a surprise.

Jacob took some convincing,

Wrestled with his past

And eventually faced up to himself.

Humans. Disappointment. Failure.

We all have these things in common.

A shared language,

Not easy to speak sometimes.

But we are not alone.

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