Wednesday Riff: Every Blade of Grass

In you we live and move and exist:

Your breath in a blade of grass,

In a twinkling smile,

In a mathematical calculation,

In energy expended,

And peace embraced.

In doubt and trouble,

In wrestling with a world gone awry,

In wonder and exuberance,

And the glory of the good moments.

Your breath, your presence,

Filling the gaps between the atoms,

Filling the tiny chasms in everything you made.

The very ground we walk on,

The sights, smells, sounds,

The restless sea and sultry clouds,

The coffee we drink,

The frowns and smiles we exchange.

Your breath in everything.

On this page,

In these words,

In the moments you take

To read them.

Drawing on Acts 17 v 28

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