Wednesday Riff: Children of Dust

We come before you again today,

With all we are and all we have,

So much said and so much unsaid,

Our words and our silence,

Children of Dust.

Precious, loved, cherished,

Fragile, vulnerable, fearful,

Known and understood,

Not as strong as we thought,

Our courage, kindness and cowardice,

Standing side by side,

Children of Dust.

In the celebratory shadows of an Easter meal,

Bread and wine and washed feet,

In the torchlit shadows of an anxious garden,

Change for good, but not as we expected,

In the darkening shadows of a brutal hill,

The shape of a cross falling upon us,

Children of Dust.

Waiting, longing for resurrection,

Hearing again of angels and startled encounters,

In the rising light of a dawn garden,

The beginning of a whole new day.

Children of Dust,

We come before you again,

Longing for Easter to change things,

To change and help us once more.

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