Wednesday Riff: Every Cry

We sing our songs, recite our lines,

Like incense rising up,

Read our papers, preach online,

Wonder where we might end up.

We pose our questions, make our claims,

And see how folks respond,

And maybe every single cry

Is a call to the great beyond.

We hope for more but look for less,

Surrender to the news,

Wait in line and banter well,

Ponder if we’ll win or lose.

We fear and fret and froth about

The future and the past,

Have a million questions all about

The pace of change, so fast.

Get angry and frustrated

And let it all leak out,

And maybe every cry and

Every whisper, every shout,

Every silent sigh and

Every secret fear,

Every growl and every frown,

Is a prayer for help down here.

Psalms of grit and gravel,

Rising from the street,

Clenched within our fists

And pounded with our feet.

The call for something better,

A world without this pain,

A chance to take another step,

And start this thing again.

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