Wednesday Riff: Shared Reality

We all have our worries, all carry our fears…

Embarrassment, making mistakes, shedding tears,

Mice, spiders, zombies, rats,

Wasps, fleas, bugs, bats.

Whatever’s lurking under the bed,

Things that we have left unsaid,

Heat, cold, loneliness, rejection,

Speaking in public, alien invasion.

Money, uncertainty, the unknown,

Crowds, losing things, moving home,

Change, age, getting it wrong,

Appearing foolish, not looking strong.

A million dreams that wake us at night,

All those heart-stopping moments that put us to flight.

The future, the past, that sinking feeling,

So many things can leave us reeling.

A shared language we all might speak,

Shared frailty, we know what it is to be weak.

A shared reality, a fragile zone,

A place to meet others,

We’re not alone.

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