Monday: Peace Beyond

The call to waste time, to risk everything on doing nothing,

To step out of life’s traffic even for a few seconds.

For a breath here and there, a pause in the pressing flurry,

To celebrate the free gift, no upgrades required or hidden extras.

Stopping and staring, slowing down to take that long, loving look,

Adopting for the briefest of interludes those unforced rhythms of grace.

Allowing healing access to the deep waters, the unknown pools of our being,

The secret places that drive us, stall us, trip us, make us react as we do.

There may be silence or not, we may be restless or still,

Choosing to brake for just a moment, making a start,

Easing that calming stick in the spokes of our life.

Not easy, when we want to be kept busy, distracted, fuelled,

When 5 seconds, or 10 or 30 can seem like an age.

Yet the call goes on, to buck the trend, stop filling every glimmer of time,

With so much stuff that we’re left empty,

Plugging for a moment back into God and all that makes sense,

A peace offered, accessible and beyond our understanding.

Isaiah 55 v 1-2, Matthew 11 v 28-30, Psalm 46 v 10-11

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