Film Friday: BlacKkKlansman

When new cop Ron Stallworth starts work for the Colorado police department he decides to call up the Ku Klux Klan and ask to join them. However he neglects to mention one thing. Ron is the first black cop in Colorado.

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So Ron teams up with Flip Zimmerman, so that they can become two version of Detective Stallworth. Ron can do the phone calls to the KKK while Flip can show up at meetings. Together they will infiltrate the local organisation and see what trouble is brewing. This is a disturbing and shocking movie rife with racism, but doing so to highlight the nature of the problem. It also manages to weave a good deal of humour in the telling of this true tale. Ron’s phone calls to the Klan are shot through with irony. Ron will not be pushed down or held back in his bold quest for truth and justice. It’s an extraordinary true story, powerfully directed by Spike Lee 

When Paul writes about people in a couple of his letters he clearly states his case – all are equal. (Have a glance at Colossians 3 v 11 and Galatians 3 v 28.) There are no divides, no hierarchies, no separation. Men, women, slave, free, black, white, rich, poor, strong weak, privileged or powerless. All are brought together in Jesus. He breaks down the walls of heartache and hatred, peer pressure and society. He crosses the lines we draw and busts out of the boxes we assemble. Love cannot be conquered by evil and in Jesus we are drawn towards the light of reconciliation, friendship and true humanity. It’s a powerful statement of the sacrificial resurrection love that cannot be conquered by malice or prejudice. The light of Jesus shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot quench it. (John 1 v 4-5)

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